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IDRiM 2017 aims to provide a forum for fruitful exchange of expertise and opinions on every aspect of risk management. The programme will be varied, from key note lectures and expert panel discussions to a wide selection of oral and poster presentations on various topics.

Here is a preliminary list of session topics. Please indicate which session fits your presentation best and feel free to propose additional topics if necessary. This must be done by email to harpadis@hi.is. The programme committee will make the final decision regarding the sessions.



Registration opens at 08:00 Wednesday 23 April 

IDRIM 2017

IDRiM2017 Reykjavik Iceland 23 – 25 August 2017 

In cooperation with NORDRESS Centre of Excellence for Resilience and Societal Security


Session Topics (preliminary list)

I. Understanding and monitoring natural hazard risk

  • Natural hazard modelling and forecasting
  • Hazard monitoring and the use of smart technology
  • Climate change and natural hazards
  • Natural hazard vulnerability of different populations –e.g. urban, rural, remote, young, aging, transient and special needs populations
  • Mental and physical health related impacts of natural disasters.

II. Risk and resilience

  • Risk governance (risk management procedures)
  • Land use, land use planning and natural hazards
  • Economics of disasters
  • Insurance for enhancing community resilience
  • Infrastructure resilience
  • Child-centred disaster risk reduction programs and strategies
  • Community preparedness and response to disasters
  • Post disaster recovery
  • Recovery and psycho-social support
  • Migration in anticipation of and following disasters
  • Natech risks and critical infrastructure protection.

III. Community engagement and communication

  • Risk communication
  • Media influence on public perception and response
  • Best practice engagement strategies
  • Engaging with the disengaged.

IV. Presentation for Young Scientists Session

  • TBA

V. Other – to be determined

  • TBA